Director’s Cut

November 11, 2023

Director’s Cut: Full Design

This week, the Nass talks about movies, bodies, and movies about dog bodies.


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Overheard during parents weekend

Friend, whispering: Okay, your dad’s good-looking but he’s not a smokeshow.

Overheard at lunch

General enthusiast, nodding: Big vibe for a big dawg.

Overheard at Charter

Good guy: Growing up in the Bay Area, they made us eat pronoun cookies and critical race pizza after school.

Overheard on Cannon Green

Wise junior: I need someone who would break up with me if I even considered going into consulting.

Overheard in Lecture

Professor: A while ago, I went with a Soviet research team to northeast Siberia. It was a little chaotic. Probably because the Soviet Union was collapsing at the time.

Overheard on a Thursday night

Friend 1, texting: Do you want me to bring the bong.

Friend 2: No, it’s all good.

Friend 1, arriving: Sorry, I didn’t see your text. I brought it anyway. I also brought my popcorn maker.

Overheard in lecture

Jeff Nunokawa: Your grandparents will remember this, if they're not dead

Jeff Nunokawa, later: Tell your grandparents this. They'll die

Overheard in TI

Fast fashion proponent: It's uncouth to wear the same thing everyday

Overheard outside McCosh

Woke Humanist: I was in the diversity seminar for English majors who didn't want to read Black authors – Irish Studies.

Overheard in lecture

Distracted student ignoring lecture, texting: *sends link to article on the risks of magic mushrooms* Well I guess we're sticking to edibles then

Overheard outside Firestone

Disillusioned campus conservative: I’m so done with this school. I should have just gone to PragerU.

Overheard in Forbes

Curious first year: What do you do in Sustainable Investments Club? Does anyone there actually care about sustainability?

Sold-out first year: I think sustainability's nice.

Overheard on Prospect

Frat-coded guy: Dude, are you a Gemini?

Overheard in Astro Lecture

Desperately relevant chem professor: Trigger Warning: Chemistry!