October 30, 2022

10.30: Full Design

This week, the Nass is consumed by the urge to read, finds art in the Brooklyn Army Terminal, and delves into memory.


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Overheard in Roma

Girl A: “You called me during chemistry lecture that you should have been at!”

Girl B: “I was at Ralph Lauren… I bought the cutest throw blanket…”

Overheard before class

Curious Student: “What is your book about?”

Professor: “Who even knows.”

Overheard while watching Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad fan 1: “Who's piss is that and why do they drink so little water?”

Breaking Bad fan 2: “That's Walt and he has cancer!”

Overheard in dorm

Disillusioned romantic: "Having to care about your significant other's mental state is so exhausting."

Overheard in Murray Dodge

Midterm studier and Roma hater: “Who eats fish in 2022?”

Overheard on the porch at Ivy

A sophomore with overly dilated pupils: “The way to make friends at Ivy is with cigarettes, ket, or cocaine.”

Overheard on Frist 1st Floor

Christian Group, to unsuspecting student: “Do you want prayer?”

Overheard over text

A thinker: “iPhone and Android users really do perceive reality differently.”

Overheard in Gateway Arch gift store

Public health aficionado: “James? John? Tony… Anthony. It’s Anthony Fauci.”

Overheard while hungover in a Roman piazza

Future pop star/German professor: “What really drew me to Glee was the pregnancy. The prospect of a teen pregnancy.”