Dear Reader,

How’s our day going? Actually not that great, now that you ask. We’re still pretty hurt that you never wrote in to our how-was-*The Life of Pi*-not-a-hoax essay contest, and that hundred bucks is burning a whale of a hole in our pocket. So we tried to watch the new episode of “Glee,” but we’re over our Megavideo minutes quota…

But then we got this email:


I am Sgt Marvin Oliver, i am delighted inform you that the united nation and British government has choosing you as their immunity agent there in your country to stand and receive this total amount of $10.1 million dollars by cash immunity delivery to your country which you are to meet with the diplomats on their arrival there in your country international airport to enable them take the clearance on face to face clearing with the customs at the airport to enable them move it to your doorstep without any inspection by the government agent as it has been directed by the united nation and British government.

Please you must know that the united nation want you to pay 50% of this total amount ($10.1 million dollars) to any motherless babies home there in your country.

You don’t need to worry for anything because this transaction is 100 risk free, the boxes are coming with a diplomatic agent who will accompany the boxes to your house or office there in your country.

Forward to us your contact information.

I cant wait to hear from you soon.

Thank you,

Sgt Marvin Oliver

So there: somebody’s looking out for us. By the way: don’t bother with the *Life of Pi* essay… we definitely lost the password to that Gmail account.


-The Eds.

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