s freshmen, there are certain changes we make to our daily habits that help us feel like real Princetonians. Like most universities, for instance, Princeton has its fair share of unique slang that it seems like everyone seamlessly adopted within a few weeks on campus. I find it interesting how subtle changes to vocabulary can have a strong effect in helping people fit into a new community. I have also found that this slang is most prevalent when people are talking about their nighttime escapades on the Street.

As I am from England, some of these words and concepts felt completely alien the first time I heard them. Likewise, when I use London equivalents of this slang in conversation, I am often met with confusion. I have tried many times to integrate some of these British words into conversational language, but have been thus far overwhelmingly unsuccessful. In the below article, I have written how I might have spoken about a party with my London friends, and then how a similar conversation might develop at Princeton:

Boy 1: Wagwan?


Boy 2: Wagwan. Aight?

Hey how’s it going?

1: Yeah, good mate. You look like a grogan this morning.

Awesome. You look pretty tired and hungover this morning.

2: Bruv, last I night I drunk BAAAARE. Never drinking again…

Bro, last night I drank so much. I’m never drinking again.

1: Yeah but I bet it was a sick time. You pull anyone?

Yeah but I bet you had a lot of fun. Did you hook up with anyone?

2: Standard fam. So when I arrive at Tiger Tiger, I get out the blems and brown for a while. You know how it is there on a Saturday night. A few rude bois here and there, but bare waste gash. Just standing around there I see a few I know and I meet up with Spencer and start to walk inside.

Haha, you know me! So when I get to TI, I stand outside for a while smoking a cigarette. TI is crazy on a Saturday night, a few intimidating-looking guys around and lots of good-looking, drunk girls. Just standing there I see a few I know and I get my pass off my OA leader and start to head inside.

1: Safe, safe.


2: There’s all this sick grime playing and after blasting a couple of jaeger trains we hit the dancefloor but Spencer starts bumming out; this girl he likes is dancing with some twat from Harrow.

There’s all these tunes blasting and after chugging a few beers we head to the dancefloor, but my leader suddenly gets depressed, some girl he likes is dancing with this annoying kid from Harvard.

1: Allow Harrow.

Harvard people are so stuck up.

2: Exactly. Anyway, Spencer heads off to chirpse her and so it’s just me on the dance floor skanking away to the music. Long story short, I find myself stumbling out the club with some tight girl and we head out for a doner.

Exactly. Anyway, my leader walks off to flirt with her and so it’s just me grinding away on the dancefloor. Long story short, I find myself stumbling out with a drunken girl and we go looking for something to eat.

1: Whereabouts?


2: Maroush. The one by Harrods.

Hoagie Haven.

1: Beaut.

Drunk food there is awesome.

2: You say that mate, but next thing I remember, I’m standing in a pool of chun and the girl I was with had called an Addy Lee to take her home.

Haha, yeah but next thing I remember, I’m standing in a pool of sick and the girl I was with just called PSafe to take her home.

1: So rut mate.

Ah, that sucks.

2: Yah, I know. But to be honest, I’d kill for a cheeky pint right now – get back on the horse.

Yeah. Anyway I’d love a beer right now, it should take the edge off.

1: That’s my boy. Carpe fucking diem.


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