I find clues in the smalls of her body,

9 o’clock palimpsest

11 o’clock spoon

Sheets steeped in the scent of powdered


I am humid in the smalls of her body

   10 o’clock peek-a-boo

   12 o’clock Looney Tune

Breath soured in the dowry of


I am come of age in the smalls of her body

   11 o’clock honeysuckle

   1 o’clock nip and tuck

In the morning, steeped in mammalian


I slide in the smalls of her body

As we slip over each other and under.

I strip into the skin of who I want to be,

Stretching quickly and without mercy.

   12 o’clock struck

   12 o’clock almost

Shuddering into stiff peaks, an offering


Milk of magnesia.

She soothes the heartburn of swallowing.

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