Winter Literary Issue

December 2, 2004


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Overheard on the Tower e-mail list in response to last week’s Verbatim

Yes. I said that. Hahahaha, let's all laugh, I'm a preppy liberal, that makes it all even FUNNIER, because liberals aren't supposed to be preppy. Whoever sent this in has no sense of humor whatsoever, because it is not funny. Things that are actually funny are supposed to be sent in to Verbatim, not things taken out of context that might be marginally humorous to three people. To the Tower member who sent this in: get a sense of humor. Please. Now. You need one, desperately.

(Original Verbatim:
Preppy liberal: All three people I know at Harvard totally suck. Except for this one guy I know from Ivy Council.)

Overheard in a Classics precept (in discussion of sexual habits of men in ancient Rome)

Professor: They didn't have venereal disease. No, venereal disease is a gift of the New World... like potatoes, and maize.

Overheard during Thanksgiving break in Seattle

Mom: So how often does the Nassau Weekly come out, again, sweetheart?
Nassau Weekly writer: Weekly, Mom.
Mom: Oh, of course. (Long pause.) Why don't you write for the Daily Princetonian?