The Religion Issue

November 10, 2005


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Overheard before Foss went to see “For Colored Girls Who’ve Considered Suicide”

Foss: Do I really have to watch some play about black girls killing themselves? I'm going to gas myself halfway through it.

Overheard in a New York bar

Random Guy (in response to Foss' repeated attempts to get him to chug his Heineken): Is that kid gay or retarded?

Overheard as Foss discusses working out with a member of the Nass staff

Foss: I will make him run or lift until he vomits pieces of his stomach.

Overheard at Ivy Club

Girl Economics Major: Are you going to work for an investment bank this summer?
Guy Economics Major: I don't think so. Investment banking is okay, but my real passion is consulting.

Overheard on IM

Son (in reference to his grandparents’ threat to boycott Thanksgiving): I'm going to tell them I'll euthanize them if they don’t come.
Mom: Ok, but don't use the word euthanize, sorry to say I don't think grandpa will understand.
Son: Well, it’s not that common.
Mom: Please, I wrote a paper on euthanasia in elementary school.

Overheard in the Prince office

Guy 1: So, have you been to the Market Clout website?
Guy 2: Yeah, what exactly do they do?
Guy 1: I think it’s a facebook group or like a women's health organization.

Overheard on the Market Clout website

Having INVESTMENT clout means YOU ARE in essence A “RESEARCH ANALYST!” Smart college women across the country are savvy and insightful, confident about the companies and products they truly love!