November 29, 2012


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Overheard via text

Frustrated Nass socialite, about creative writing class: 2/3 of this weeks short stories to be workshopped contain a cum motif.

Overheard on Facebook chat

Junior Pi Phi: I think I’d rather be oppressed than obese.

Overheard on Nass listserv

Can I please be taken off the email list?


Overheard on car

License plate “H1ND1”; bumper sticker “[Son’s Name] PERFECT 2400 SAT SCORE” with test date included

Overheard in the ether

Disgruntled Exeter alum, to Andover alum: Your boathouse sucks.

Overheard in RoMa dining hall

Overconfident freshman: I could jump over Blair Arch. If it was bending over.

Overheard at Terrace

Asian girl, talking about date: We went to Tiger Noodles.
Asian guy: Did he like it?
Asian girl: He’s white, does it really matter?

Overheard in front of Cannon

A chorus of pranksters jumping out from behind the wall to a passing boy who just picked up a dollar: POOP DOLLARRR
Bewildered Boy, looking down to discover his now poop covered hand: Shit!

Overheard between Frist and Architecture Building

Presumed grad student 1: So is there usually a long queue at these things?
Presumed grad student 2: I don’t really know. I always cut to the front because, you know, I’m the Blond White Guy Who Speaks Hindi.