November 7, 2008


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Overheard in Pyne

Girl 1: I just ate so many Wheat Thins, but I’m still hungry.
Girl 2: For what?
Girl 1: Retribution.

Overheard at Cottage

Guy 1: I think you have a coke problem.

Guy 2: I don’t have a coke problem. I have a masturbation problem. I went home last night, blew two and a half grams, and jerked off for ten hours.

Overheard in the Oval Office

Princeton Economics Professor Harvey Rosen: Capitalism without losses is like Christianity without Hell.

President George W. Bush: Harvey, stick to economics.

Overheard in a Reading Group about Homelessness, circa 1995

Toni Morrison: When we discuss homelessness, we rarely ask, “Why do we value the home?” What about people who have too much home? People who can’t leave home?

Overheard in Prospect Garden

Theta ‘09: Watch out for those SAE pledges tonight, because you’re going to have to make out with all of them.

Theta ‘12: Oh, okay!!!