Jürgen Habermas Is Dead

October 4, 2007


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Overheard at Terrace

President of Terrace: And in celebration of Dare to Care, new member Steve Sasson has agreed to be tased (tases Steve Sasson)

Overheard at Frist

Guy on iPhone: Yeah, they took my ID. Oh well. At least I have a new reason to hate America.

Overheard playing Pictionary

Guesser 1: Trophy Wife!
Guesser 2: Wait, I thought the clue was “person”.

Overheard: in Spellman while watching Chicken Run

Girl 1: It’s about chickens trying to escape and Mel Gibson tries to convert them.
Girl 2: So...it’s like real life.

Overheard: overheard in Rocky

Girl: Where are you staying tonight?
Parent: The Courtyard Marriott.
Girl: The COURTYARD Marriott? That’s so ghetto.

Overheard at Tower

Girl: I mean if he only lets me see his limited profile then he probably doesn’t want to bang me anytime soon.