It’s Springtime

March 29, 2007


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Oveheard in Blair Hall

Guy 1: It's just Febreeze, man, chill out!
Guy 2: I'm gonna fuck you up!

Overheard in Ivy Garden

Girl: You know, I don't think I would really mind if I didn't have any free will.

Overheard on Naacho member whiteboard

Writer 1: Great show! I want to have all of your babies!
Writer 2: One-child policy.

Overheard in Blair Arch

Frat Guy 1: That girl was so stupid.
Frat Guy 2: But that's the best kind!

Overheard in physics precept

Preceptor: Anybody have an idea which variable to use?

Physics Major: Does your friend have an idea?
Preceptor: Probably not... he's an economist.