In Praise of Old Nass-Saw

October 9, 2022

In Praise of Old Nass-Saw: Full Design

This week, the Nass is indubitably phenomenal, as writers discuss campus infrastructure.


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Overheard during dinner

Riled-up mythbuster: "Santa Claus, bullshit, tooth fairy, bullshit, and love is a chemical activity."

Overheard in lethargic Monday morning class

Suspicious professor: "I'm suspecting a lot of parties yesterday."

Exhausted student: "No. Benadryl."

Overheard in lecture

Primordial professor: "Back when I was YOUR age, dinosaurs walked the earth!"

Overheard in lecture where students are meant to be silent

Lecturer: "I'm doing ALL the talking — no one else is saying anything!"

Overheard in COS class

Self-aware professor: "I will not play poker with you under any circumstances. I know my limits."

Overheard in class

Tired professor: "Suppose, God forbid, I had to grade all the midterms in this class."

Overheard in COS lecture

Professor: "Here is an example of a technology most of you guys have never seen before. *pulls out humongous dictionary* It's a book. It's a BIG book."

Overheard in Green Hall

Random student while bending down to pick up their pencil they dropped: God, I'm such a clumsy whore.

Overheard at Coffee Club

Pre-law enthusiast: "I just feel like…like immigration law is SO trendy right now."

Overheard on the way to Nearly New

Junior who needs therapy: I didn't want to start sobbing in the middle of Wucox again.

Overheard in Bariloche, Argentina

Long-haired Brit: I’m on a lot of mushroom forums.

Overheard in Engineering lecture

Chaotic professor who taught lecture from the hospital: That’s the lesson. Don’t be in a rush. Bad things happen. Blood sugar gets high. Sometimes you get runover.

Overheard in Morrison

Professor who can't stop laughing: My giggling is not pedagogical.