In Memoriam: Micawber

February 15, 2007


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Overheard in Dillon Gym

Asian guy: I mean, I know that I AM obsessive compulsive, but... you know, not ASIAN obsessive compulsive.

Overheard in ENG 382

Girl: I don’t like poetry, so that’s why I am here. I’m an English major, but we used to make such fun of mother for being poetical. But I still don’t like poetry. Right?

Overheard in ENG 382

Professor: I want a high suicide rate among my students.

Overheard in Ivy Garden

Frat guy 1: Man, that sucks that initiations are tonight. We have nothing to do.
Frat guy 2: No, it’s okay. We’ll hit the weak clubs tonight, but it’s ok...because we’ll dominate.

Overheard at the WPRB Trustee’s Meeting

WPRB trustee: I listened to Peter Gabriel in high school, and it changed my life.

Overheard at the U-Store

Girl 1: Good luck!
Girl 2: Thanks!
U-Store Employee: It's nice to see friends supporting friends. [pause] That's not how we do it in the hood.

Overheard in GER 521B

Professor Corngold: Hazlitt said that no young man thinks he will ever die... well, we’ll see.

Overheard on TV

Mirage Master: There was only one reason you were expelled: you showed no respect for Pokemon.