Goodnight Sweet Annex

March 2, 2006


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Overheard on AIM

White Guy #1 (in reference to Guy #2's application for membership at Guy #1's yacht club): "I should try and blackball you, just for fun... like telling the membership committee you actually don't know how to sail or something like that."
White Guy #2: "Or tell them I'm black."

Overheard outside of Frist

Guy1: "It's not a brokerage house, it's an I-banking firm. Dad, don't START this with me!"

Overheard in ENG 341 precept

Girl1: "Oh! It's like, when those Catholic priests started molesting little boys! That was so sad..." 

Overheard at Ivy

Overzealous effeminate freshman: I was feeling really rebellious in the shower today, so I decided to shave my arms. Feel them!! (Shoves arm in face) So smooth!!

Overheard at Cap

Girl1:  So are you going to go after him?
Girl2:  I can't- my vagina still hurts from earlier!

Overheard in JRN441

Girl #1: I just love the way he manages to almost eroticize wood.