Bicker Makes Me Snicker

February 8, 2007


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Overheard in Nass Office

EiC Emeritas: They are such cunt buskets... such dumb dumb dumb dumbos.

Overheard in Holder

Girl: I can't sleep when there's fat on me.

Overheard on the train from London to Bath

Cockney Dude: No, you cannot eat my chinchilla! ... It's like a cross between a rat and a pig.

Overheard in Little

Sophomore: Man, it would suck if birds were like piranhas. 'Cause the only thing that saves us from piranhas is that they're fish. But what if they were birds, what then?

Overheard in ENG 382:

Prof. Muldoon: What is a seminar? ...seminary?
Senior: Does it have to do with religion?
Muldoon: It has more to do with semen.

Overheard on telephone in Bloomberg Hall

Student: I hate to break this to you, Mom, but I'm not good-looking enough to get a girlfriend.
Mom: Now, honey, you know that's not true. You are quite a handsome young man.
Student: Well, of course YOU think I'm handsome, Mom, you're my mother!
Mom: That's not true! [pause] I thought you were pretty ugly when you were thirteen.