A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Nass Meeting

November 16, 2006


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Overheard at Cottage

Theta: Itʼs funny. An hour ago, I was totally ready to have sex with him. Now Iʼm definitely not going to get to be in the fivesome.

Overheard in Holder

Girl: Online banking is my new favorite thing to do when drunk.

Overheard at Newark

Continental employee on loudspeaker:
I would like to extend a courtesy beating [pause] boarding to all first class passengers.

Overheard at TI

Guy 1: I hate that woman [Nancy Pelosi].
Guy 2: Assassinate her, man!
Guy 1: Sheʼs a woman, Iʼm sure someoneʼs planning it.

Overheard at Fordham University

Guy 1: She was givinʼ me lip, so I returned the favor by pissing on her face.
Guy 2: For real dog, thatʼs what you gotta do.
Guy 1: I had to go anyways, so it was really two birds and a stone.

Overheard at Princeton-Harvard Game

Guy: See, man? Shit always happens when you party naked.

Oveheard in COS 318

Prof. Pai: Well, if a country isn't a member of the WTO, and they've created their own root, then I suppose it's ok to bomb them.