What do Asian girls, Barack Obama, divorce, and expensive sandwiches all have in common? No, not a White House scandal waiting to happen. You wish, Hillary supporters. All of the things listed are inexplicably loved by white people and detailed on the self-explanatory blog “Stuff White People Like.”

Way back in January, 29-year-old White man Christian Lander decided to chronicle some of his people’s favorite things after an internet conversation about The Wire. In an interview with “The Assimilatd Negro” bog, Landers said of the conversation, “we said ‘[white people] don’t watch because they are too busy doing yoga’ and it just spit balled from there. or snowballed.” And Snowballed it has.

The site is a running numbered list of, you guessed it, hilarious things that White people can’t get enough of. In it’s first three months of existence the site has gotten well over six million hits, and each of Landers’ painfully accurate listings has comments in the triple digits.

“Did you see the one that said white people like to threaten to move to Canada? I thought that was pretty funny, because my dad does it all the time,” White woman Mara Nelson-Greenberg said during a recent internet conversation.

I did, Mara. It was quite enjoyable. If you have even spent a significant time around this fascinatingly predictable group of individuals, it’s hard not to read the posts without at least nodding your head in agreement if not falling out of your chair in Marquand and “disrupting” the people around you. (BTW: Gimme a break. No one goes to Marquand to actually do work. Get serious. and go to Firestone like everyone else.)

One of the better articles on the blog is “Gentrification.” When the Coons, a White family, moved into the house next door to mine on our all-Black block in Harlem in the mid-1990s, I wondered whether they were lost or just crazy. Now I know they moved “because they get credibility and respect from other white people for living in a more “authentic” neighborhood where they are exposed to “true culture” every day.” Thanks for the explanation, Christian, and glad we could be of assistance in all of your Coon-ish endeavors, Coon family!

“Stuff White People Like,” like everything else that talks about race, has gotten the interweb in a great tizzy. Many White people feel victimized and stereotyped by the blog. Most of the negative comments on “Stuff White People Like” center around the fact that Lander makes blanketed statements about the White race based on the preferences of liberal upper-middle class yuppies.

Well, this is true. Most conservative, poor rural White folks don’t know what “Asian Fusion Food” is, have never been to a “Whole Foods,” an will probably never knowingly encounter a “Michel Gondry” film, not movie, White people hate that word. However, it can be safely assumed that none of those people read “Stuff White People Like” because they are too busy milking cows, watching monster truck rally, wrastlin’ gators, and hating gays.

So the liberal upper-middle class yuppies that DO read “Stuff White People Like” should probably take a chill pill, and enjoy the light-hearted satire of the blog. Because, what else are they going to do in the middle of the day? Finish that case report for the Non-Profit Organization that they inevitably work at? I think not, White people, I think not.

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