Overheard at dinner

Upper West Sider to Upper West Sider: Have I ever brought you to the Elvis-themed fast station diner in the West Bank?

Overhead in Roma

Social media editor: Hey, want to see this crazy bug bite on my ass?
Web editor: Sure.
Former web editor: I guess?
Social media editor: *lowers pants and underwear in the middle of rocky dhall*

Overheard in the Nass office

Editor: I saw Kendall Jenner outside a sweetgreen in TriBeCa... what’s your favorite sweetgreen?

Overheard in TI

Senior man: Are you drunk? You smell like beer.
Senior female: That does not us drunk make.

Overheard in a newsroom

Neurotic copy editor, on the death of print journalism: Do you hear me in the distance, screaming? Cause I’M DOING IT!!

Overheard in Wilson

Canada Goose-wearing Nass editor: I honestly can't think of a better 20th-century leader than Fidel.


Overheard en route to Funday

Sophomore Theta 1: My biggest fear is failure.
Sophomore Theta 2: Mine is chlamydia.


Overheard in precept

"Cool Kid" preceptor: They see everyone else doing binge drinking… wait. "Doing binge drinking." I promise I'm a cool kid!

Overheard in Cuyler

Press Club Co-President: I don't think I ever really learned how to write an essay.

Overhead at Terrace

Overachieving sophomore: Academic Masochism. . . that's my kink.

Overheard in Terrace

Manic pixie dream girl: Everyone knew the code so it was basically unlocked. The code was 42069.

Overheard at a Nass meeting

Former Nass EIC: Every white girl loves Lil Dicky!!

Overheard at Ivy

Overachieving boarding school frosh: Cocaine is just so good for my GPA.

Overheard in Terrace

Small-town soph, reminiscing: That’s really all you need -- a good, sexist high school boyfriend.

Overheard in Rocky

Franzia-drunk Ivy soph: And I was like, “This is a smoothie from the Wa -- where’s the Tico’s??”

Overheard on campus

Ivy Junior, seemingly deep in the JP grind: Wow, look at this halved cabbage!

Overheard in 185 Nassau:

VIS professor: Think: professionally lit rave.

Overheard on Poe Field

Ivy soon, screaming: CAPITALISM IS WAY MORE FUN

Overheard at Ivy

Reformed prepster: In high school, I had a playlist called vineyard crimes.

Overheard on Nassau

Junior Terran: The only time I ever snorted Adderall, I hung out with neo-Nazis. They were surprisingly so normal.

Overheard at Ivy dinner

Australian soph: Más Flow just makes me think of my period.


Overheard in Ivy

Ivy soph, after learning he was younger than the frosh with whom he was speaking: Well I’m a member here so…

Overheard on business major’s computer

YouTube search bar: how to treat people

Overhead in Forbes

Sleep-deprived frosh, at 3 a.m.: I'm so pale because of the weather that I'm actually beginning to experience white privilege.


Overheard in Rocky

STN-less soph: I'm really into pie charts these days... like, emotional pie charts.