Overheard leaving TI

Soph to crying friend: What hole would he fill for you except for your vagina?


Overheard on Nassau Street

Journalism intern: You're a different person now.
Investment banking intern: I'm the same person. Just with more Excel shortcuts.


Overheard in Frist

Stressed-out sophomore: I'll be honest, I think I probably have a solid cry about once a month. Usually in the shower. Put on some sad music and just go for it. That way I'm not wasting time. I mean, we all have to shower.


Overheard in TI

Senior woman: Scandinavia’s great, but it’s so homogenous that if you show up and you’re short, fat and you have brown hair, they’re going to be like…no.
Newcomer: Are you talking about Pi Phi?


Overheard in the library

Senior girl, reflecting on Kant: The next time I'm making out with someone on the street, I'm going to ask them, excuse me, do you see me as a means or an end?


Overheard in a bed

Woman 1: It's crazy how easy it is to have a civil, friendly meal with people you profoundly dislike.
Woman 2, cheerfully: That's the magic of TI!


Overheard in dorm room

Jewish Marxist A's Ivy junior: I love the Nass verbatims, they're so relatable.


Overheard in the Siberian wilderness

Fulbright Fellow: Last time I drank too much I went skinny dipping with a group of seventy-year-old men and vomited freshly slain sheep heart in my mouth.


Overheard outside Frist

Orange Key guide: Princeton Preview is a great chance to sleep with a student.


Overheard en route to Frist

Sophomore Ivy hopeful wearing a Canada Goose: I'm sorry I'm a man of the people and I don't know how to spell Moncler.


Overheard at Fashion Speaks

White junior on the whiteness of Shere Khan: Honestly this is worse than the Tory.


Overheard in Wu

Sophomore Pi Phi: After working on a problem set with two bros, I had to join Princeton Students for Gender Equality.


Overheard in Wilson dining hall

Random Frosh: I feel like he's one of those people who thinks he's really talented because he's really rich.


Overheard in Iowa

Fuckboy, to feminist: I feel like at this point your definition of “fuckboy” is so broad that it applies to any male person.


Overheard in Butler

Apes bro, scrolling through newsfeed: What are 5 foods that kill testosterone? If guacamole’s on this I'm so fucked.


Overheard in 1903

SWUG, reading her ex's Facebook status: Anyone want to make latkes? Also, I'm bisexual.


Overheard by Pyne

PFA male: You don't want to know too many atheists. It means you're not converting them fast enough.


Overheard at Aquinas Retreat

Religious boi to complete stranger: I had a dream about hell last night and you were there.
Complete stranger: What the fuck, man


Overheard in Firestone

SWUG: I can't find out I'm pregnant the night before my Bridges midterm.


Overhead in Forbes

Sleep-deprived frosh, at 3 a.m.: I'm so pale because of the weather that I'm actually beginning to experience white privilege.


Overheard en route to Funday

Sophomore Theta 1: My biggest fear is failure.
Sophomore Theta 2: Mine is chlamydia.


Overheard while listening to Vampire Weekend’s “Diplomat’s Son”

White boy, completely seriously: Oh, man. This is my absolute shit. What a fucking banger.


Overheard strolling along prospect avenue

St. B's senior: Someone once described Cannon to me as a glorified Chili's


Overheard at Ivy

Senior man on the Tigerbook controversy: For some reason I didn't feel bothered by the NSA but I do feel bothered by this.


Overheard in Studio

Random soph: Thesis fairying is like social security. You pay into it for three years and then you get less than expected when you're a senior.