you dialed the wrong number ___-__ _______ feathers sequins fingers France in the springtime yellow towels ____ _____ _____ fill in the blank who did you sell your _____ to the neighbor? which neighbor? _______ I baked a cake, you stole it I will bake another one a bruise on his wrist without explanation she burned her lip her eyebrow Italians love the word “cracktorch” he was short fat balding and burned off the last of his hair the president’s daughter ____ __________ ____ ___ red square _______ once meant beautiful now ________ it was not red square but beautiful square I’m a slavedriver, but I think you’ll like it A man a plan a canal Panama he was from Argentina and loved cat people she was a panther who tore men to pieces he identified with the shrink who was trying to seduce her Type and turn in with original / no revisions

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