1. Chloë Sevigny
  2. Liza Minelli
  3. Parker Posey
  4. Email
  5. Charles Grodin
  6. My actual mom’s instagram
  7. Red shoes
  8. Pirating movies
  9. Saugerties, NY
  10.  Arby’s
  11.  Laura Palmer
  12. Tim Heidecker
  13. This one shirt I have
  14.  Ampersands
  15.  The number 28
  16.  Apple music (you heard me)
  17.  Philip Roth
  18.  CeraVe facial cleanser
  19.  A ref at a lacrosse game I played in who looked exactly like Albert Einstein, and was about as old
  20.  Anyone over the age of 93
  21.  World’s Strongest Man competition (I urge you to look this up)
  22.  Snapchat Discover stories
  23.  Sometimes Irish and Scottish people
  24.  Any variant of the word “vomit,” except for the traditional “throw up”
  25.  Farts, as a concept
  26.  Ebay
  27.  John Early
  28.  Lofi beats you can chill and study to

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