Hydrate (others).

Pour out apologies like water:
And I’m sorry
And I misunderstood.
Do this until you become parched –
But in a comforting way,
So that your mouth is warm
And only a little wet
In the dry heat.

Lay out in the sun (directly in its path).

Helios will expose your iniquities.
You have been thinking of them
All spring,
Unwilling to name them:
Envy spite greed sloth.
They covered you,
Clouded you,
Unsettled you.
As the rays burn the mist
You will gain clarity.

Eat good fruit (while it’s here).

If you have ever had a mango,
Have another
And another.
You’ll slice the first few
But then you will bite into them
Like apples.
Yellow flesh
And the juice will run down your chin
In trails.
They’ll vanish come August.

Sit. (You have prepared.)

This is the end:
Slightly thirsty,
Pleasantly warm,
This is how you will go
Into Fall.
This is how you will greet
Harvest moon.

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