Overheard on Bicker Committee Statement

Hellenic Tower junior: As a Greek, you bet I was wet with excitement the moment I walked in the door and saw all of the Grecian decorations set up for Towercules.

Overheard during Ivy Bicker

Female Ivy member to bickeree: Now tell this Cottage member three things you hate about her club. Bickeree: But– but I don’t know three Cottage members!

Bicker Makes Me Snicker

Overheard at Cottage Bicker

Yeah, I carry a knife around to fight the blacks.

Was Bicker Worth It?

Overheard at Two Articles

Drunk Crew Freshman: “Oh my god. I can’t wait to bicker Cloister.”

Overheard Outside of Tower

Tired bickerer: The amount of times I heard the word “vibes” at Cap bicker is way too high

Overheard by the fire

Ivy senior: Bicker filters out virgins.