we drove up the long hill to the top

of the cemetery

she showed me how they portioned off the dead

the Serbians here, the Blacks on the other side,

then the Greeks at the end.

I got out of the idling car and walked up the hill

to the grave.

the snow had completely covered the stone, but

she knew where to find it.

I crouched down and started to clear away

the snow with my bare hands

she told me to stop, to just use my foot

but I wanted to clear away every flake.

that night it snowed again and

as I lay in bed listening to the snow fall

I wondered,

who would be there

to clear away the flakes tomorrow.



They have chopped off my breasts

There is nothing left

I am the anti-castrate

Look at me, no don’t look at me

You can not understand

They tell to become hardened

No emotions, no emotions at all

That is not who I am any longer

I am unbeautiful

My hair has been cut off

Severed right at the scalp

Look at it all over the floor

All around my feet, lost forever

I am angry, aggression and lust

I want to fight, to punch, to kick

Please don’t look at me like that,

I do not need your help

I am alone, all alone, I must do this alone

I can no longer express how I feel.


Of Love and Clay

I was built long ago

Out of love and clay

Molded by many careful hands,

And a few reckless ones.

Clay from ancient ruins,

Mixed with soil from ancient graves.

The clay, like love, has been recycled

The remnants of a thousand cities

And a thousand loves,

Once released and now in me.

My love for you,

I have molded and shaped,

Cultivated and caressed.

What was once the love of gods and kings,

Is now mine and mine for you.

And as I sit alone in the quiet shade

I think of you, and I know myself,

In the strength of the love of thousands past.

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