Go to www.trevorvanmeter.com/flyguy. Click anywhere to start, and you will soon find yourself immersed in the idyllic, monotone world of Fly Guy, a middle-aged balding man whose destiny you hold at your fingertips. The opening shot of Fly Guy’s universe finds our hero, dressed in high-waist slacks and a sport coat, hand in pocket, waiting at a nondescript bus stop. If not this stunning visual, the first thing you might notice is the soothing music coming out of your speakers. An acoustic guitar loop played over electronic “doo doos”, decorated by a sporadic bass beat, the arrangement is sparse, organic, healing.

Longtime friends come to Fly Guy to catch up, to laugh, to relax. They come to this man day and night, again and again, to take a break from the spiritual monotony of a frantic modern existence. Who could blame them? I often try to share Fly Guy with those who would benefit from a visit. While it produces the most obvious soothing effects on those who may be stressed out, I most enjoy sharing Fly Guy with seekers and adventurers. Sharing Fly Guy with another person is like playing your favorite song for them. They just have to experience it for themselves, and you hope it is for them everything it is to you and more. Some may worry that Fly Guy will consume them, that he will distract them from theses and papers, et cetera, et cetera…but he won’t. He’ll have you over for as long as you want to stay, and he’s not here to trick you into getting addicted. As one of his fellow fans told me recently, “Fly Guy is not fucking Snood.”

Fly Guy almost always leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to go back out into the world, but he is not just a remedy. He is a friend. Soon he will be yours as well. You will notice that your new friend can walk rather briskly in either direction in his universe, though about two dozen paces in the same direction leaves him back in the same exact place, as the bus stop sign reminds you.

If you are just looking to relax, you could get by on the music alone, but you cannot possibly listen to it without interference from a friendly bird’s call while you’re still on the ground. Besides, there are adventures to be had. So hit the up key, and see what Fly Guy is really all about. After an impressive spin maneuver, our new friend is airborne, floating among the clouds. Not only that, he’s now looking directly at you! That little smirk is saying, “I bet you didn’t see that one coming, friend.”

Fly him up, down, left and right – watch his loose clothing and stray strand of hair flap in the wind. Take him on a nose dive. Do a little exploring. The best way to meet all the people that inhabit Fly Guy’s world is to fly horizontally, increasing your altitude little by little. You’ll soon meet the guru, the boy with the balloon, the angelic boxer, the heavenly armchair, and a stork who has a heartwarming surprise for you.

Fly Guy will take you through the empty void of space, to the depths of the deepest sea, and he’ll leave you somewhere you never imagined he would take you. He’ll show you how to get down; he’ll serenade you; he’ll even rock you like you’ve never been rocked before, all in the spirit of spontaneity and true love. Try everything. Do not be afraid to take risks. And do not worry if some items take you back to where you started. In Fly Guy, the journey is the destination.

Remember, you can only enter Fly Guy’s world for the first time once. For some, there is never another comparable experience. For others, it is just the beginning. Moments into your return visit, you often wonder how you could have stayed away so long. But alas, though we would sometimes like to, we cannot ever live in Fly Guy’s world. His world is for visiting only. And yet Fly Guy never lets you leave without gleaning a piece of wisdom from his enchanted existence. Ever since the first time he enviously looked upon his avian neighbors, man has dreamt of soaring high above his terrestrial existence. Thanks to Fly Guy, that dream has become a reality. So dear reader, how long until you leave ground?

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