im chasing u round the attic. u lead me round my attic, over chintzy 50s carpet, circumnavigating staircase well b/c u r scared 4 me—wild ghost chase? but there r many floors & rooms here & our friends r at a party in the next room. we hear them laughing, clinking, see yellow light pour thru open doorway on2 yellow carpet, in2 our attic castle, where there seems 2 be no bed.

u like purple lipstick & white dresses; it is my color theory that u r a ghost.

how else how else would u outfloat me, how else 2 explain: me fast semi muscly man, u girl in white dress. i want 2 grab u round ur protoplasmic middle but u keep on laughing away instead of in2 me. i start 2 get the feeling u n me have been playing this game 4ever, me chasing u round the attic 4ever while the people we both know, ur friends more than mine, suspect we do something besides chase, but no.

how else 2 explain that u live in my attic. u haunt me.



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