Dear Readers:


Oh, wow, is that the time? We’ve gotta get out of here!

It has been an honor and a true delight to lead this weekly newsmagazine for the last twelve months. We laughed a ton, we cried a tad, and we learned so much from our community of immensely insightful, creative, and usually totally absurd (in the best way!) writers, artists, and contributors. Sometimes everything is silly and you simply need to not take it seriously. Sometimes everything needs to be serious and you just need the space to process it, bit by bit. For many, the Nass provides the physical and creative space to fulfill both of these deeply human needs.


Our community has been through so much. Writing and art can be vital modes of catharsis, growth, and healing—the process of creation opens windows into our hearts and minds, revealing things about ourselves that even we couldn’t see before. It provides opportunities for us to find what we need in the moment we need it, as both the producers and the audience of creative work.


As far as we’re concerned, the Nass is magic. It draws out the innate magic in those who bring it to life, and it allows them to share that magic. It has been a joy to watch this magic spread amongst you all.


As we board the spaceship that awaits us on the roof of Frist Campus Center (where Juju once spent 24 hours for the sake of a Nass article haha!), we will remember our readers and the greater Nass community with immense fondness. Thank you for everything. It has been a wild ride.


Peace out, earthlings!

Juju and Mina

Editors-in-Chief, the Nassau Weekly, Volume 44

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