In celebration of the arrival of March, we’re bringing you a standard issue of the _Nassau Weekly_. Psych! Here at the _Nass_, we don’t even know what the word “standard” means, except when it comes to the gold standard, or our favorite song, the “Star Standard Banner.” Speaking of which, this issue marks the first collaboration between the WPRB News staff and the _Nassau Weekly_, as we publish a transcript of their recent radio interview with General David Petraeus. Check out the interview on page 6; our own commentary invites readers to think about military rhetoric and the way we talk about war.

We also forgot to mention that this is the first annual spring-themed issue of the _Nass_. Apart from introducing our new line of “early spring” apparel, which can be viewed at, we’ve solicited a host of spring-themed articles, which can be found at Minqi Jiang tackles Tufts University’s new YouTube supplement (page 3); Stephen Martis laments the death of the Hummer (page 12); and Ben Levenson consults our resident sexpert, Dr. Ruth (page 9). Be sure to digest Oscar Hyde’s and Chris Hernandez’s thoughtful reviews of Joanna Newsom’s new and incredibly long album, _Have One on Me_. We talked to Joanna Newsom on the phone yesterday, and even _she_ (yes, she of “hydroencephalitic listlessness”) had never heard of the word “pentaëpyllion” (see page 4).

We can’t emphasize enough how excited we are about the theme of this issue. In fact, in honor of our first annual spring issue, we’re holding a special weekly meeting every Thursday at 5:30 pm in the Terrace Library (2nd floor) for all interested writers, publishers, and do-gooders. Prizes for the best beach bodies!

See you in two weeks,


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