Leaves of Nass

April 25, 2021

Leaves of Nass – Full Design

This week, the Nass considers Judaism, documents our living spaces, and separates fiction from fact.

Why is Your Camera Off?: A Nass List

All the reasons you might see just a name inside a Zoom box.


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Overheard during a chess game

Player 1: Ah, it appears you are arranging the Naked Elf formation.

Player 2: Why yes, indeed I am.

Overheard at Mountain Lakes

Boy, approaching girl: Hey! Are you a student?

Girl: Yeah.

Boy: Cool, same! How old are you?

Girl: I'm 22.

Boy: Oh. I'm 16.

Overheard on SnackPass

Friend, sending SnackPass point to another friend: congrats on getting laid!

Overheard at Junbi

English major: CBE is BSE backward.

Overheard in religion seminar

Soph: Do you like philosophy?

Philosophy major, PTL: No, I hate it!

Overheard while rehashing the Cold War

On-the-fence Marxist: I would go to a gulag for a free quesadilla

Overheard in Lecture

Professor: Do you think I’m such an asshole -- sorry, such a dick -- that I’d correct someone in public?

Overheard in Seminar

Professor: When's the paper due?

Students: Monday

Professor: Oh FUCK

Overheard in Forbes

Forbes Frosh 1: I live in the Main Inn, not the Annex.

Forbes Frosh 2: Oh god, you privileged fuck!

Overheard in the Dining Hall

Nass Junior Editor: I'm telling you, men are just jealous of women's ability to give birth.

Overheard in Writing Seminar

Tired professor: the implicit metaphor here is that she is a car