April 26, 2007


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Overheard upstairs at Charter

Young Woman: Take off that turtleneck, hot stuff.
Young Man: Anything you say, baby.
Young Woman: Why're you wearing a second turtleneck underneath your turtleneck?
Young Man: Have you lost interest yet?

Overheard in Terrace tap room

Chick: Wait, you hooked up with a girl?
Gay dude: Yeah, but come on, she had huge tits.
Chick: Does that do anything for you?
Gay dude: Well, kinda. They’re fun to play with. Like Legos.

Overheard in a Forbes hallway

Student Running for USG Office: (Knocks on Door)
Guy: (Answer door) Hello!
Student Running for USG Office: You are so great at hearing!

Conversation between a roommate and his junior football player roommate

Football Player: Yo man, what is this building? I've always wanted to know what building this is.
Roomate: Dude, this is Terrace. Terrace.