The Sky Is Red

June 30, 2020

"The sky is red." - Union soldier to General Ripley during the Fall of Confederate Richmond, 1865 Cover image featuring Pray for America by David Hammond, created in 1969.

The Sky Is Red – Full Design on Issuu

In this issue, Nass contributors reflect on quarantine, urge Princeton to divest from fossil fuels, and profile the workers on campus. Click HERE to experience our print designs online!


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Overheard on iMessage

Is anyone else getting TikToks about the CIA documents about alternate timelines and energy holograms or is it just me?

Overheard on a walkway

Delirious sophomore girl: Fuck bitches get money. I love George Washington

Overheard on iMessage

Boyfriend: Why am I so turned on by this stormtrooper?

Overheard in Murray Dodge

Confused Freshman: I'm notorious in my own head for forgetting names.

Overheard in 1937 Hall

First Year Girl, to her friend: I shouldn't have gone halfway through the semester before I realized I could get the guys to do my work.

Overheard on iMessage

Disgruntled Soph: Literally who let me pick a major when I was constantly stoned because engineering is not where it's at.

Overheard in Forbes

Math major: Dude the internet might go down. If the virus gets into the servers…

Overheard on the Street

White Cottage male with an AEI backpack: You can't get coronavirus if you get hit by a car.

Overheard in the south

Girl, pining for European boyfriend: I would not like to marry a circumcised man

Mother, letting out cry of surprise: Oh!

Overheard during Corona freakout

Authoritative 2D senior: There are actually many Brooklyn based Witches.

Overheard in Seminar

Tenured Comp Lit Professor: If you could draw this sentence as a topographical map, what would it show?

Overheard on iMessage

Bright-eyed PSIA Major: I'm really interested in institutions.

Overheard in my home

Sophomore trickster: I played an April Fool's prank and no one noticed it!

Me: What did you do?

Sophomore trickster: I died the toilet water yellow.

Overheard in Zoom Lab

Princeton engineering prof: A lot of autoimmune disorders are because our bodies are bored.

Overheard in Whitman

Nass Editor: I hate journalists.

Overheard on campus

Girl with boba in workout clothes: Her gay ex-husband is kinda cute.


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