Summoning of Fiendish Dire Borat

November 9, 2006


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Overheard in Little

Guy #1: Fat girls give good head
because they have to.
Guy #2: Itʼs true.
Guy #3: No, I think they think
itʼs food.
Guy #1: They donʼt eat your
Guy #3: No, itʼs like, ʻYummm....

Overheard in Henry

Indian Girl to guy: If we were in a
band, youʼd play the cowbell.
Guy: Uh, youʼre the Hindu. You
play the cowbell.
Indian Girl: No. Youʼd play it.
Iʼd wear it.

Overheard in the Friend Center

Nerdy guy hitting on nerdy girl: I asked my friend to rate how weird I was on a scale from 1 to 5, and he said I was a 3.14.

Overheard in Bloomberg Hall

Guy: Know what the best part of living in a dorm with lots of black people is? The smell. They use so many lotions, that the hallways smell like roses! You come out of the elevator, and it smells like fresh n*****.

Overheard in Lockhart

(While watching a commercial)
Girl 1: Is this for the Sims?
Girl 2: Um, itʼs for Grand Theft