Power Plant

March 3, 2005


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Overheard at Ivy lunch

Girl: I hear you’re a great butterfly kisser.
Guy: Fuck that. I don't give butterfly kisses. I slay chicks.

Overheard on the Tory e-mail list

Our back cover, God willing, will be "The Top Ten Top Ten Lists the Nass Shouldn't Do." We're looking for more ideas.
Top Ten Favorite Quotes from the Vagina Monologues
Top Ten Most Powerful People on Campus with AIDS
Top Ten Drugs Used at Terrace
Top Ten Drug Users at Terrace
Top Ten Bathrooms for Doing Cocaine
Top Ten Trail of Tears Jokes We Know" Top
Ten Nass Writers Ashamed of Their Red State Heritage Top Ten Nass Writers
Who Aren't Jewish (if there are Ten) Top Ten Nass Writers Who Were Abused As Children Yet Still Manage to Be Funny
Indonesia's Top Ten Funniest Tsunami Videos
Top Ten Jacob Savage Fashion Tips

Overheard on the Prince e-mail list

As some of you know, the Prince is currently in the process of developing a weekly magazine, which will seek to combine in-depth, investigative pieces with some more fun, easy-to-read blurb-ish material. Think: chattier than Greenlight, not as weird as the Nass, and yes, less boring than the Prince itself :)
Editor’s Note: The Prince? BORING? You’re too modest, guys.

Overheard at a Nassau Weekly layout session

Nass Staffer: Did anyone notice that since the Prince started printing in color they don’t write articles anymore?

Overheard in a reading group about homelessness, circa 1995

Toni Morrison: When we discuss homelessness, we rarely ask, "Why do we value the home?" What about people who have too much home? People who can't leave home?