Meditation on the Matriarchy

This week, the Nass explores Firestone’s coin collection, astrology, and the labeling of trees.

A Treatise of Human Nature

In this week’s issue, in a noteworthy expansion of thematic range, Nass writers young and old muse about philosophy, capitalism, aesthetics and trendy poetry.

Hot Stuff

In this week’s issue, Nass writers investigate avant-garde cinema, exchange letters, and telescope mornings.

Deeply Confused But Mildly Aroused

This week, the Nass is preoccupied with dining halls, first-year orientation, and Woody Allen.


In this week’s issue, Nass writers recreate recipes from their mothers, trace the birth of a language, and wander around campus on crutches.


This week, Nass writers find bones in places they shouldn’t, praise the king of fruits, and get in fights at TI.

Übermensch Bench

The Nass on witnessing, bereavement, and crepuscular conversations.

Summer Issue Pt. 2

The Nass writes on trains, teeth, and more.

Summer Issue

The Nass contemplates fatal flaws, suburban life, and Greek refugee camps.

The McKinsey Scale

The Nass on unicycles, Streicker Bridge, and the Frist prayer tables.

Beach Week

The Nass on jazz in J Street, Grandma’s cooking, and accessible birth control.

Are We a Thing?

Nass writers take on the marketing of feminism, Mennonite balloon art, and women in philosophy.