April 21, 2005


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Overheard at Ivy

(Pike looks downcast.)
Kappa: Hey, what's wrong?
Pike: I'm just really depressed right now.
Kappa: Really? Why?
Pike: Well, I just found out that the Lacoste alligator is actually a crocodile.

Overheard at the Ellipse (3rd Floor)

Engineer Guy: It's good you're not too naive or innocent.  If you were, I'd never get BJs.
Theta Girl:  No, that's what the naive girls do!  It's because nowhere in the Bible does it say 'Thou Shalt Not Blow Thine Boyfriend.'

Overheard in Café Viv

Grad student 1: I was attempting to help her with her econ and...
GS 2: Wait, she was your student, right?
GS 1: Yeah...
GS 2: Hey, I tried that once. I married my TA. Didn't work out so well.
GS 1: Baby, if you were my student, I would have treated you like a queen.
A few minutes later...
GS 1: I think I have a working relationship now...an open one.
GS 2: An open one?
GS 1: Yeah...
GS 2: I had one of those, too. Didn't work out so well.
GS 1: But I like her...I think she's cute. She's not my normal look, though.
GS 2: Whats your normal look?
GS 1: Emaciated.