March 1, 2012


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Overheard in my inbox Thank you for your submission to the Nassau Literary Review. Unfortunately, “Dicks” was not selected for publication in this issue.

Overheard in Rocky-Mathey dining hall

Prince news editor: Did you see the Nassau Weekly? They put our email in Verbatim.

Overheard outside Little

Boy, petulantly: If you go to college, you’re not a redneck anymore!

Overheard in McCosh

Dumb girl: This room is hot. Like hot yoga hot.

Overheard in CHM 202

Professor: This theory is fundamentally wrong, but it works beautifully.
Student: That’s how I feel about Kanye West.

Overheard on

“Cindra”: Fred and George had reinvented their own version of the snitch, after seeing something similar in the muggle Harry Potter video games.