Cruzing Away

February 28, 2021

Cruzing Away – Full Design

This week, the Nass gets creative with our culinary adventures, meditates on the significance of trains, and memorializes Fine Hall.


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Overheard in lecture

Tech-Savvy Professor: There’s one "Power Point" in my classroom and that would be ME.

Overhead in a philosophy discussion

Future professional philosopher: My nuts are in a dialectical relationship with Hegel’s mouth..

Overheard in a Meeting

RCA Cos Major: It's always nice to have a rubber ducky.

Overheard on a Call

Former Nass EIC: Everyone always thinks the Nass used to be edgier.

Overheard in theatre class

Theatre director/Guest Professor: The internet tells me I'm unstable, but it doesn't know me.

Overheard in Text

Anthro major: Anthro be like: Everything is bullshit. Every attempt to understand anything is bullshit. Every explanation is bullshit.

Overheard in Creative Writing Class

Student: In this story, there's a poet who gets mad when someone doesn't like his poems.

Professor: Yeah… no poet has ever done that.

Overheard in Japanese Lecture

Speaker on Grad School: Isn't it obvious that everyone here is depressed?

Overheard in Lecture

Lively English Prof: And my friend told me, who's really a snob, 'You're not a foodie. You're a glutton.'

Overheard in seminar Zoom chat

Student: Capitalism critique!

Professor, also in chat: Isn't every day capitalism critique?

Overheard while discussing American Politics

Concerned citizen: I want to pee on The Oval Office.

Overheard in Seminar

Student: That didn't happen to me when I went to Delphi.

Professor: What, you didn't get shat on?

Overheard in Class

Literature Professor: What's more approachable than a Platonic dialogue?