December 6, 2012


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Overheard on Graduate Student Events Calendar

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament: Jan 26, 2013 ·5:30 p.m.– 8:00 p.m. Lawrence Apt. Parking Lot. Return to the times of old and be entertained whilst you feast! Dinner and entertainment are included. Cost of this event is $40. Transportation will be arranged by carpool – please RSVP and indicate whether you can drive yourself/others. Email Audrey at **** to RSVP. Sponsored by the Graduate School.

Overheard in Studio 34

Archetypical bro: Why don’t we smoke and watch Workaholics and correct each others’ Spanish homework?

Overheard at Bridges precept

Humanities student: Is a rock really a rock or a fragment of our understanding of a rock?

Overheard on Facebook chat

Junior Pi Phi: Verbatim this week sucked.
Senior Pi Phi: That’s because we weren’t in it.

Overheard at Firestone

Security guard, to other security guard: Oh, Tracy? That girl easy like sleazy.

Overheard in Housing Office

Receptionist 1: So I said, a phone is a phone! It’s for calling!
Receptionist 2: So why’d you get an iPhone?
Receptionist 1: Because I wanted Instagram!

Overheard at St. A’s / Shere Khan Pregame

Boy: All of Instagram is here!

Overheard in Butler

Theta sophomore: Okay, I weighed myself before I peed, and I weighed myself after I peed, and it was a three pound difference.

Overheard on Prospect Avenue

Theta 1 (on phone): Tell him to make a roadie and meet us.
Theta 2 (to herself): A roadie to go..

Overheard in Whitman

AEPi sophomore: Stevie Nicks is forever.

Overheard on gchat

Hood politician: Chief keef would probably be republican: Strong belief in the 2nd amendment, capital punishment (see: lil jojo)

Overheard in Forbes

Critical sophomore: You know what I really hate? When I ask someone how old their baby is and they say 18 months. Bitch he’s one year old!

Overheard in 1580

English soldier: If plaine or homely, wee saie she is a doudie or a slut.

Overheard at Ivy

Senior, on first kisses: I think I kissed my Dominican babysitter when I was 7... She was like, 15 though, so it was cool. Her name was Domatila.