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September 27, 2013

Photo by Flickr user r0sss.


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Overheard in Forbes

Blue blood female: There were only two Jewish kids at my high school.
Jewish kid, nodding sagely: That sounds about right. If there’s horses, there probably aren’t Jews.

Overheard on Facebook

Tower member: Straight up encountering bunnies on the way home from the street makes my night they are just so chill

Overheard during frosh week

Terrace senior boy, upon meeting Tower junior girl: What are things that you like?
Girl: What do you mean?
Boy: Literally anything.
Girl: ...Cake. Running. TV.

Overheard at Lawnparties

WASP, wistfully: I went to prom with a guy named Cotton.

Overheard in Chancellor Green Cafe

Sophomore girl: I know people are always afraid of Big Brother, but I’m like, maybe if Big Brother existed, he could tell me where I put my sunglasses.

Overheard by Wawa

White girl: T-Pain? Was he in Men in Black?

Overheard at Ivy lunch

Pi Phi senior, to peer: You’re making literally millions, what are you doing a street person’s drug for?

Overheard in Williamsburg

Bro at Kendrick Lamar concert: Vine’s gonna be fucking SICK tonight yo!

Overheard at Terrace

Dog person: You’re not a dog person?
Free spirit: No, I love animals, but not in a domesticated state.

Overheard outside Frist

Debate female, to debate male in yarmulke: Oh, you’re Jewish? I love Jewish boys.... I’m a Jewish girl. Also, I’m drunk.

Overheard in the LGBT center

SHARE peer: Everyone in this school is ratchet and everyone is thirsty.

Overheard on

Picture caption: The mother of womb-tingling hot dad and tiny baby pairings is the Thor star and his daughter, India. Just look at the way his massive forearms dwarf her body.

Overheard in New York

Ivy alum: I’m so glad I wasn’t born in
Nebraska. I’d rather be an AIDS baby in Africa—at least that would be interesting.

Overheard on the Class of 2017+ Facebook group

Freshman: the realest niggas lay in Wilson.

Overheard in Mudd Library

Caller to Mudd: Hi, I was wondering, is Cap & Gown still a club?

Overheard over fine beers

Tattooed Lothario: I would give her like a smolder look and she would have to sit down cuz her knees would be shaking and stuff.

Overheard at academic expo

Freshman to PHI Professor John Burgess: I spent a gap year in Ghana and now I find myself asking what is happiness. Does your department cover this question?

Overheard in the Nass office

Bearded male: What is early Sufism? History of Sufjan Stevens?

Overheard in Terrace

Girl: On Thursday Jesus has dinner with his disciples and he’s like, guys, I’m going to die, and they’re like, oh my god.