October 5, 2006


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Overheard in West College

Girl: Isn’t it gross though when you do throw up a little in your mouth?

Overheard at Cottage

Girl: Well, that’s why I got a blackberry: because there are too many germs on the computers at Frist.

Overheard outside Murray-Dodge:

Asian Christian 1: Double, double, toil and trouble…
Asian Christian 2: Fire burn and….cauldron bubble!

Overheard in Frist:

Girl: That Mark Foley is so creepy!
Guy: Mark Foley…is he in Cap?

Overheard in Publisher’s Fortune Cookie

Front: The greatest truths are the simplest; and so are the greatest men. Lucky Numbers: 12, 33, 4, 28, 47, 9
Back: LEARN CHINESE - Store, Shang-dian

Overheard on Trojan Vibrating Ring box

Directions: Be sure the bump is facing forward because it is designed to stimulate a woman's sensitive area.