In the final issue of the semester, the Nass telescopes “echo,” critiques optimism, and considers what it means to leave this place.

Thesis Fairy

This week the Nass lives vicariously, vents to mom, and learns what professors really think of students.

Major Dilemma

This week the Nass thinks like a dog, dances in verse, and reflects on Declaration Day.

Mass Hysteria

For the fourth annual Women’s Issue of the Nass, women writers and artists reflect on home, nourishment, motherhood, and embodiment.

Vibe Crafter

This week the Nass learns the lingo of NBA internet fandom, reflects on terror in public transit, and explores the secret world of dorm fine dining.

Midterm Mishaps

This week the Nass delves into the world of international fandom, reflects on the bonds between body and earth, and strikes matches to make wishes come true.

Stuck in Purrrgatory

This week the Nass reflects on the meditative power of a cappuccino, challenges poetry publications, and envisions life as a human clone.

Investment Baking

In the first issue of the forty-fourth volume, the Nass sends a missive to Cupid, traverses the world of Hommlet, and grapples with healing after near-death.

The JUUL-ian Street Library

In the final issue of our forty-third volume, the Nass looks for a lost bike, watches chalk disappear, and gets jazzy in the chapel.

Infinite Prospects

In this week’s special issue highlighting writers and artists of color, the Nass goes to the grocery, likens music to love, and washes with public soap.


This week, the Nass examines liberal orthodoxy, considers adolescence, and calls home.

Little McCosh of Horrors

Little McCosh of Horrors

This week, the Nass fears the Princeton Plague, rides the subway, and drinks vegan milk.