Only Fans

This week, the Nass ponders anxiety, cuts rocks, and gets really into chess.

The Night Before the Semester After

This week, the Nass previews the new art museum, visits nearby nature, and ruminates on the mysteries of love.

Hats Off

This week, the Nass learns about the Menendez Brothers, makes friends over Zoom, and reviews the drinks of fall.

Georgia on My Mind

This week, the Nass bruises, telescopes rhythm, and spends 24 hours on Zoom.

Night at the Ballot

This week, the Nass considers first-year mental health training, deletes instagram, and visits Delaware.

Early Bird

This week, the Nass finds itself back in Princeton, meditates on living in a swing state, and, in a special guest feature, reflects on the import of college reporting.

The Great Debate

This week, the Nass considers the place of politics in sports, reflects on cults of personality, and observes a strange relationship.

Low Visibility

This week, the Nass profiles the lead singer of Dawes, considers San Francisco Democrats, and finds a happy place on a front lawn.

Unstable Connection

This week, the Nass considers the potential of a virtual first year, traces a musical history, and hears from a student artist.

Party of None

This week, the Nass considers the implications of online activism, imagines a new future for Princeton, and recommends blueberry picking.

"The sky is red." - Union soldier to General Ripley during the Fall of Confederate Richmond, 1865 Cover image featuring Pray for America by David Hammond, created in 1969.

The Sky Is Red

In this issue, Nass contributors reflect on quarantine, urge Princeton to divest from fossil fuels, and profile the workers on campus.

Cover by Mika Hyman


In honor of Women’s History Month, the Nass remembers women from the past, celebrates them in the present, and anticipates their future.