This week, the Nass triumphs athletically, fails intellectually, and eats the entire lemon.

First-Person Scooter

This week, the Nass surveys a hostile world, finds meaning in the senseless, and explores new ways to heal.

Mommy Issue

This week, the Nass tries new hobbies, new words, and new noises.

Unrequited Love

This week, the Nass investigates the future of art, probes at prosopagnosia, and contemplates a cure for heartsickness.

Avatarotica 2: The Way of Wetter

In the final issue of our forty-fourth volume, the Nass interrogates the illusion of control in the beauty ideal, attempts to translate a scandalous conversation, and cracks open the meanings of “fault.”

I’m not a Robot

This week, the Nass conducts a social experiment on BeReal, predicts the next 70 campus construction projects, and determines which famous philosophers are totally like 10/10 cuties.

Raising Interest Rates

This week, the Nass gets its heart broken, writes fiction about disordered eating, and logs delirious entries in a Dream Journal.

Time to BeeReal

This week, the Nass surveys ten movies, discovers the stories written in olive leaves, and juggles three languages.


This week, the Nass is consumed by the urge to read, finds art in the Brooklyn Army Terminal, and delves into memory.

In Praise of Old Nass-Saw

This week, the Nass is indubitably phenomenal, as writers discuss campus infrastructure.

Fall Foliage

This week, the Nass puts a play on for a dead son, starts a commune beyond patriarchy, learns the importance of trash bags

The Septumber Issue

In the first issue of the semester, the Nass investigates sectoral bargaining, keeps a promise to a demon, and travels into the heart of Ireland’s magic.