Editor’s note: the following is a game created out of the competing and complementary strangeness of both modern advertising and independent cinema. Enjoy.

1.) A space probe carrying samples of alien life crashes in Central America and soon half of Mexico is quarantined. The Infected Zone remains a hostile territory filled with unearthly life. Can the photojournalist save the little blond girl with his camera and tailored cargo pants?

2.) In a desolate post apocalyptic New York City a group of rebellious young urban basketball players try overcome the emptiness that surrounds them. Will they be able to use their athletic talents to orchestrate a renegade resistance?

3.) During an alcohol fuelled party, teenagers discover a body hidden in the bushes of a forest. The body seems lifeless . . .

4.) Eight French Christian monks live with their Muslim brothers in the Tibhirine mountains of Algeria and spend their days making pastry.

5.) We are in the rice fields of Thailand and a young blonde woman has left oppressive American suburbia to search for the one thing she can have control over: the perfect grain of rice.

6.) An old couple searches for the fundamental poetry missing from their life. They try to reclaim the passion they once had and sit in separate bathtubs in a field of wildflowers to watch the sun set on the day and their lives.

7.) An eclectic group of teens excitedly prepare for a slumber party. Their parents are conspicuously missing as they dance around to pop hits and make food in the microwave.

8.) Two young women feel oppressed and sterilized by their cookie cutter jobs as telephone salesmen. They wither in the fluorescence and search for something, anything, that will remind them what it is like to feel sunlight and enjoy living another day.

9.) We are in a futuristic Tokyo where all the women are platinum blonde and wear latex bodysuits. A strange short ringleader in a mouse costume demands tithes.


1.) “Monsters”- Gareth Edwards

2.) Nike AirJordan campaign

3) “Simon Werner a Disparu” – Fabrice Gobert – also a Rise Above the Influence poster

4.) “Des Hommes et Des Dieux” – Xavier Beauvois

5.) Kashi GoLean billboard

6.) Cialis advertisement

7.) “The Myth of the American Sleepover” – David Robert Mitchell

8.) McCafe Mcdonalds campaign

9.) Skyy Vodka poster

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