diving into pool after death

I find myself not afloat even
chasing wrists of light under water instead
to lead me poolside. You taught me to swim
years ago or thought so and so did I, yet
drowning comes much easier Brother
you’ve been going under since you carried
that girl down to some bed or basement
or broom closest, coiled and recoiled around
her brown skin like a viper I once watched loving its dinner,
and that’s okay everyone needs their fill.
I suspect you want my floatie now
that she’s pregnant but its pink and
bedazzled I found it it’s not for you.
Don’t make me say this again. You will find
your own buoy to stay afloat while
MommaBird Life whatever you want
shoves everything she’s been cooking
down your deep dark larynx. You tempt her
We all do. We dive head first into the shallow end
our spines have never been so broken.

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