He Died and I CRIED – no I swear that I did

Many tears down my face like a litle tiny kid

Warm and Wet they were like a facial from Wilmer

And I wished Robert was there so he’d say ROLL ‘EM! FILM HER!

But then I remembered that he was dead and that’s why I was crying

That’s why I was laid out on my bed, just there lying

Sometimes I lie, but only to protect people I love

But sometimes I lie bad, like OJ with that glove

And lyings not cool. I can be bad, a bit.

My lies must be kawashed so that I can be adequite

Once I was adequite, but not anymore

Now I’m crawling through needles on the Hyde bathroom floor

I was adequite in school! That’s what my teachers said!

What it said on my homework all covered in red

Others got other things, like good, and well done

But I was the best, my work the most excellent, I WON!

I asked Mom what it meant and she said, through her bruised lip,

“You did great little sweetpea! Cuz “A” is for ADEQUITE

I never got “A”s and neither did your lousy Pop.

We may be shit, but you’re going straight to the top!

You’re adequite. Baby, now SMILE and SELL IT!”

I said “Wow! Mommy! That’s cool! How do you spell it?”

So I’m gonna lament, and cry like wet cement,

And then sell jewlry on eBay so I can pay the rent,

BUT before I go I leave you with 1 final thought

BE ADEQUITE WITHIN YOU! It’s summthin’ can’t be bought!


As soon as I don’t anymore have to take it one day at a time…

(FUCK AA!!!)

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