1. 2 bottles of anti-aging cream.
    “You may have just started college but ‘skin care lasts a lifetime.’”
  2. 3 laundry hampers.
    “One for workout clothes, one for sweats, and one for everything else.”
  3. 12 pairs of opaque black tights.
    “Translucent tights are tacky. I’m doing you a favor.”
  4. 2 tissue box covers.
    “Your tissue box can’t clash with your bedspread!”
  5. A roll of bubble wrap.
    “You never know.”
  6. 6 pounds of Stevia organic calorie-free sweetener.
    “Sugar is the new fat; don’t go anywhere without Stevia.”
  7. 1 electric candle.
    “Just in case you get a boyfriend, it’s romantic and fire-safe.”
  8. 6 small ceramic dishes.
    “So you have something to serve your friends snacks on when they come over.”
  9. 1 Jar of Organic Pumpkin Spice.
    “It’s Fall.”
  10. 1 toaster.

*all real quotes from your dear Jewish mother.

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